How to Get Gems in Clash of Clans Easily

05/02/2014 02:33

What are Gems?

Gems are 1 of 4 resources in the game Clash  of Clans. The other 3 are Elixir, Dark Elixir, and Gold. Gems are a very important resource in the game. This is because they can be used to purchase all 3 of the other resources and builder's huts. Because you can purchase builder's huts with the gems, a good number of gems can lead to faster sturucture construction and can even purchase faster upgrades and finish troop training. Because of this in many ways, Gems are the most important resource in the game. Securing a working Clash of Clans hack tool is an easy way to accumulate a lot of gems quickly.

How to get gems

  • In-app purchases

The primary method to get gems are to purchase them through in-app purchases. This is simply the practice of using your mobile device to purchase gems through the app store using real money. This is the primary and fastest way to get a lot of gems but there also other ways to get gems. A pile of gems or 500 gems costs $ 5.49, a bag of gems or 1200 gems costs $ 10.49, a sack of gems or 2500 gems costs $20.99, a box of gems or 6500 gems costs $ 51.99 and a chest of gems or 14000 gems costs $109.99.

  • Clearing obstacles around your village 

You can also gain gems through clearing rocks, trees and other obstacles around your village. The main problem with this technique is that the rate of respawning of obstacles is quite slow and the gems you do get in this way are quite low in number. Obstacles give experience and around 1 to 5 gems when they are cleared. Often, they don't give gems at all.

  • Achievements

Completing achievements in the game also gives you rewards. The rewards are experince and some gems. As of last count there are 60 available achievements in the game.

Earning the “Sweet Victory” achievement at 1250 trophies can earn you 250 gems.Getting the “League all-star” achievement can also get you 250 gems. To get this achievement you must enter the Crystal League.

When players earn 3200 trophies, they will automatically get 2000 gems, the most you can get in the game.

  • Top clan members

If you are a member of the Top 3 clans and are one of their Top 10 players you can also get a good amount of gems. After each 2 week period, the Top 3 clans earn 20,000 gems for the top clan, 10,000 for the second clan, and 6,000 gems for the third clan. These amounts are divided equally among the top 10 players of each clan.




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